Frequently Asked Questions

How do we find our driver?
We have uniformed staff at the airport to greet you. They hold a sign with the CANCUN TRANSFERS logo on it. Our team is always around. Once we have you they call the driver who is parked in a main parking lot. All this info is on the e-voucher we send you.
Who do I pay, how and when?
You pay the driver at the airport in full. Cash only in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars (1=1) or Mexican Pesos (check with driver for current exchange rate).
I am traveling alone, do I have to pay for two people?
Yes, the minimum reservation is two people. If you book a single transfer you will be charged for two persons. In many cases it is still less expensive than taking a taxi.
Do we have to share a ride with other people?
No. All our transfers are private.
What kind of vehicles are used?
Air conditioned vans with a capacity of six to ten persons.
What if our flight is delayed and we are not there at the designated time?
We will wait for you until the plane lands, we monitor the arrival flights.
Our flight is coming in very late. Can we still get a transfer?
Yes, our airport shuttle provider will be at the airport until the last flight arrives.
Do we have to book a two-way transfer [return as well]?
No, you can book a one way transfer only, but depending on the shuttle it might be that you will have to pay for a round trip.
Is there a limit on how much luggage we can take?
Yes, a maximum of two pieces per person are permitted without extra charges.
Are the drivers experienced licensed bus-drivers?
All drivers are experienced drivers with federal permissions.
We are traveling in a group. Is there a discount?
Please contact us through our group travel request to receive more detailed information for group travels.
We are going to Cozumel. Can you take us to the ferry docks in Playa del Carmen?
Yes, our airport shuttle provider will deliver you to the ferry dock in Playa del Carmen.
NOTE: If you require transfer to Playa del Carmen ferry docks select "Playa del Carmen" as your drop off location in the drop down field when booking.
We only wish a transfer from Cozumel to Cancun airport. Where do we get picked up?
The closest point you can be picked-up is the ferry dock in Playa del Carmen.
Q: Do I have to pay for a baby?
The rule is: if a baby needs a seat, you must pay for the seat. If the baby rests on your lap the entire trip then you do not pay for a seat for baby.
How long does it take to get to:
Cancun City/Hotel Zone : It all depends on traffic conditions, weather, and number of hotel drop-offs. The trip generally takes ½ hr to 45 minutes.
Playa del Carmen : 1 Hour.
Akumal : 1 1/2 Hrs.
Tulum : From Cancun to Tulum the drive is around 2 hours, but depending on how many other drop-offs are in-between it can take two hours plus.